dancing on cortisone

the emptiness inside of me, the shallowness
creates an echo
it’s calling for someone to listen
to hear the past, the fading memories
it’s begging me not to forget the ache that once roared

but as I’m standing here, breathing fresh air for the first time
with lungs that carries the capacity to support me
to keep me here, alive
as I’m smiling wholeheartedly, genuinely
healing the shattered bones and hollow cavities
and I’m running gracefully like the wind, weightless and brave

the howls are silent
the riot has settled
the walls I built to protect myself have crumbled to the ground
my heart is ready to love and surrender after all these years
it’s been fighting to stay pure, unbroken
with such a strength and fierceness that I’ve questioned why am I like this
why am I so afraid

and perhaps I have finally came to peace with myself
perhaps I can finally be free
free from constantly inhaling fireless energy
and exhaling the very core of my being, burning the power that guides me with every breath

perhaps I can finally follow the road to where I’m going
with armor from my scars
with wisdom and balance
I’ll be a superior me on the way there.

– Diagnosis: Primary Addison’s Disease


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